Working with Kier and South West Water

R&D engineers have been working with Kier and South West Water in the North Devon area now for over two years. You may have seen some of our familiar red vans working on the mains infrastructure in the roads around the area.This work is highly skilled and is commissioned by South West Water and managed and overseen by Kier. South West Water, in their drive to provide top-notch customer service, are asking all of us, whether sub-contract or not, to work out of South West Water liveried vans, and to work in South West Water uniform. We agree that this makes the service much more seamless to the customer and it is less confusing as to who is responsible for the
works being undertaken. R&D is proud to be able to count ourselves among the number who keep our water supplies clean and serviced, and we have taken the opportunity to upgrade all of our vans while changing the livery. While you may not see our red vans working in the highways and byways on the mains any longer, our engineers will still be there among all the others. And our engineers who work on the private supplies will still be in our distinctive red vans across Devon and Cornwall so give us a toot if you see us.