When should pipes be chlorinated?

Water can be a notorious carrier of bacteria and South West Water are rigorous in their safeguarding of the mains water supply. Certain types of private water pipe have to be disinfected (chlorinated) before South West Water will allow connection to their main. Pipes must be chlorinated in the following instances:

  • internal pipe diameter is greater than 50mm
  • length of supply is over 50 metres
  • where there has been suspected contamination (eg fouling by sewage, drainage or animals)
  • where a system has not been regularly used or flushed
  • where the supply is being converted from a private supply eg borehole, well, natural spring

R&D Water Engineers has many years‘ experience in detecting water leaks, burst pipes and underground leaks which are not visible. We are skilled in the business of repairing, renewing and relaying water supplies both by moling or by cutting a trench in which to lay the pipe. Some of these renewals require chlorination because of the stipulations detailed in the above bullet points.

We can provide a service for chlorination of pipes not laid by our own engineers.

We can help…

R&D Water Engineers can assist you in arranging to:

  • flush and chlorinate the new or existing water supply pipe
  • take water samples to the standards required for laboratory testing
  • arrange for testing with a registered laboratory and for the appropriate certification for South West Water’s new connections team
  • flush the pipe through to leave you with clean water once the new connection has been made

We are a South West Water approved contractor for renewal and relay of water supply pipes so we are fully conversant with the regulations and time frame for chlorination and testing. We will do our best to ensure that your water supply pipe is chlorinated and certificated in the timeframe specified by South West Water so that your new connection can go ahead without delay.

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The Policyholder confirmed R&D Water were absolutely excellent in their approach to the repairs and also the reinstatements to pre-loss conditions. They also took care not to disturb birds nesting in the hedge nearby the water meter. Policyholder couldn't be more pleased with the entire experience.

Property in Paignton 12th June 2019