When should pipes be chlorinated?

Water can be a notorious carrier of bacteria and South West Water are rigorous in their safeguarding of the mains water supply.  Certain types of private water pipe have to be disinfected (chlorinated) before South West Water will allow connection to their main. Pipes must be chlorinated in the following instances:

  • internal pipe diameter is greater than 50mm
  • length of supply is over 50 metres
  • where there has been suspected contamination (eg fouling by sewage, drainage,  animals, oil leak)
  • where a system has not been regularly used or flushed
  • where the supply is being converted from a private supply eg borehole, well, natural spring

Free quotation

R&D Water Engineers can provide you with a free quotation to:

  • chlorinate the new or existing water supply pipe
  • take water samples to the standards required for laboratory testing
  • arrange for testing with a registered laboratory and for the appropriate certification for South West Water’s new connections team

We are Water Regulations approved so we know the regulations and time frame for chlorination and testing.  We will do our best to ensure that your water supply pipe is chlorinated and certificated in the timeframe specified by South West Water so that your new connection can go ahead without delay.

We can renew your pipe with barrier pipe if required.  Barrier Pipe has a metal lining that protects the water that runs through the pipe from contaminants in the soil.  This is used in ground that has become contaminated such as where there has been an oil leak, or on sites that were previously industrial, old service stations, garages etc.


A thoughtful resinstatement

This one caught my eye as a thoughtful resinstatement carried out last week, matching the new concrete to its surroundings. It is unavoidable that we dig on your property so that we can access your pipe. But we do try to make our excavations as neat as we can, and we put everything we dig […]

Found a leak?

South West Water may help you with the cost of repairing or renewing your leaking pipe and it is worth contacting them to confirm this if you have a leak. They have recently re-vamped thei website and have published their Code of Practice on Leakage for Domestic Customers. It has very good information about what […]

Health and Safety accredited for another year

We have undertaken our annual health and safety audit with SafeContractor and have successfully completed the process again.  This tells you, the paying customer, that we are responsible in our attitude to both our and your safety, that we are keenly aware of the risks involved in the work we undertake and do all we […]

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I would like to thank your engineers who, on the day of work itself, were extremely good, hard working and professional.

Mrs Wells 15th March 2017