Trenchless Technology

R&D Water Engineers uses a soil displacing hammer or ‘mole’ for a vast percentage of the work we do. Where a renewal of part or all of a water supply pipe is the best option to fix the underground leak we will usually relay the pipe by moling. Using compressed air, a specially designed metal pole or ‘mole’ is driven through the ground under the surface creating a tunnel through which we can then pass the new MDPE pipe (see video clip below). Our engineers carry all the equipment required on the van, including the generator which produces the compressed air.

Moling requires minimal excavation, and certainly less excavation than by laying a trench using a digger. A number of smaller holes are dug (no more than 1 metre squared) for setting the mole off and receiving it. Our engineers are all trained in moling and also in the use of detection equipment to ensure that we avoid any cables and other plant or pipes which may be present in the ground. We can advise you approximately how many excavations will be required and in what surfaces. Our excavations will be backfilled and the surfaces reinstated to look as near as possible as we found them. Our aim is to leave your property looking as good as we would if it were our own.

Highways Accredited

All of our engineers are highways accredited and all have Streetworks qualifications, which means that we are able to liaise with your county council to ask permission to dig in the public footpath or highway if that proves necessary, and then send our engineers to site, knowing that the job will be completed to the necessary standard.

Your property is in safe hands

At R&D we pride ourselves on leaving your property tidy and as close as possible to how we found it in our efforts to fix your burst pipe or water leak. We collect all spoil as we dig so there are no mounds of soil and rubble strewn around your garden. All digs are backfilled and the surface is put back neatly, be it lawn, tarmac, concrete, crazy paving etc.

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I am sending my huge thanks for the finding and repair of a water leak that has been a tremendous anxiety to me for 6 weeks. During this time 6 other gentlemen have been and not one discovered the location of the leak. All this time of course impacting on the accommodation in which lives my disabled son. Ian found it and Matt concurred. I could not be more pleased with the work or the quiet respectful manner they conducted themselves and just got on with the repair. Thank you and I would be glad if you would commend them highly.

7th July 2016