Trenchless Technology

R&D Water Engineers uses a soil displacing hammer or ‘mole’ for most of the work we do. Using compressed air, a specially designed metal pole or ‘mole’ is driven through the ground under the surface creating a tunnel through which we can then pass the new MDPE pipe (see video clip below). Our engineers carry all equipment required on the van, including the generator which produces the compressed air.

Moling requires minimal excavation depending on ground conditions. A number of small holes are dug, no more than 1 metre squared, and the mole travels under the ground between them. Our engineers are all skilled at moling, and are also trained in the avoidance of any cables and other plant or pipes which may be present in the ground. We can advise you approximately how many excavations will be required and in what surfaces. Our excavations will be backfilled and the surfaces reinstated to look as near as possible as we found them. Our aim is to leave your property looking as good as we would if it were our own.

Highways Accredited

Our engineers are highways accredited and all have Streetworks qualifications, which means that we are able to liaise with your county council to ask permission to dig in the public footpath or highway if that proves necessary, and then send our engineers to site, knowing that the job will be completed to the necessary standard.

Your property is in safe hands

At R&D we pride ourselves on leaving your property tidy and as close as possible to how we found it. We collect all spoil as we dig so there are no mounds of soil and rubble strewn around your garden. All digs are backfilled, topped up with excess material if required, and the surface is put back neatly, be it lawn, tarmac, concrete, crazy paving etc.

A thoughtful resinstatement

This one caught my eye as a thoughtful resinstatement carried out last week, matching the new concrete to its surroundings. It is unavoidable that we dig on your property so that we can access your pipe. But we do try to make our excavations as neat as we can, and we put everything we dig […]

Found a leak?

South West Water may help you with the cost of repairing or renewing your leaking pipe and it is worth contacting them to confirm this if you have a leak. They have recently re-vamped thei website and have published their Code of Practice on Leakage for Domestic Customers. It has very good information about what […]

Health and Safety accredited for another year

We have undertaken our annual health and safety audit with SafeContractor and have successfully completed the process again.  This tells you, the paying customer, that we are responsible in our attitude to both our and your safety, that we are keenly aware of the risks involved in the work we undertake and do all we […]

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I must compliment your friendly workers on a job which was executed speedily and efficiently. I will recommend R&D unreservedly.

Mrs Povey 15th March 2017