Are you laying a new drive?

Before you lay a new drive in any material – tarmac, brick pavers, resin, pressed concrete etc. – have a think about what lies beneath.  We get a lot of calls from customers who have a water leak on their supply pipe and the pipe runs under their driveway, newly laid.  Not surprisingly, customers are not very pleased when we say we will have to excavate and leave a patch in the new drive.  We’re neat and tidy… but a patch is a patch.

It can be wise to replace a water supply pipe before having works carried out on your driveway, particularly if it is in an aging material such as black alkathene, lead or galvanized metal.  The very act of laying a new drive can cause trauma to the pipe running underneath and it will subsequently leak.

We can help…

We can provide you with a free no-obligation quotation to renew the supply before the works are carried out.

The regulation depth of a water pipe is between 750 and 1500mm so if you are planning to lay the new drive subsequently, the water supply pipe should be at sufficient depth for its own protection from any surface works, which is not always the case with aging water supply pipes.

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Can I just say that the men who repaired my neighbour’s water leak and needed to come onto my property left the drive, which had recently been upgraded at great expense, in the same condition as they found it.  Please convey my thanks again to them and well done for keeping up such good standards.

Mr Salter 7th July 2016