Do I Have A Leak?

Who’s responsible?

As a South West Water customer, you are responsible for any water leak, underground leak or burst pipe on your water supply from the boundary of your property to the property itself (see diagram below). If you are on a shared supply, all homeowners are responsible jointly from the boundary of the properties for any common supply pipe and individually for a branch pipe bringing the water in to your home.

Possible indicators of a leak

  • High water bill, higher than usual, for no apparent reason
  • A damp patch in the garden, on the driveway or anywhere on your land during dry weather
  • The sound of running water when no water is being used
  • An area of lawn which is always green, even when the rest is not

Call R&D Water Engineers

Call R&D Water Engineers. We will do our best to sort your water leak or burst pipe with the minimum of fuss.

Inform South West Water

There is information on their website (R&D Water Engineers is a South West Water approved company).

How can I check if I have a leak?

Shut off everything in the house that will be using water, especially taps, but also washing machines, dishwashers etc. Make sure that nothing in the house is on that will require water to function.

Turn off the rising main, which is usually the internal stop tap located under the kitchen sink or in the downstairs toilet/bathroom.

Check that the cold water cistern is not filling.

Go to the meter; lift the lid and check to see if the numbered dials are turning. If they are, then you have a leak on your external water supply between the meter and the internal stop valve. If the leak is very small it may not be immediately noticeable if there is movement on the dials, so wait for a few minutes to check.

If you cannot turn off the internal stop tap then turn off all appliances, make sure that no water is going into cisterns or storage tanks and take a meter reading. Wait for about an hour and then take another. If the meter has moved it may mean you have a leak on your external water supply.

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First of all thanks very much for 'phoning this morning to let me know your workforce was delayed due to the dreadful accident on the motorway; but the real reason for this e-mail is to express my fullest appreciation of the three really nice guys who turned up and got on with the job. They were simply fantastic. I had been dreading hours of upheavel and chaos; mess everywhere. But I was so wrong. The work site was contained to the smallest possible area; the repair/renewal carried out with what seemed to me to be the very minimum of upheavel and on finishing my utility room floor was much cleaner than when they began!

Please convey my sincere thanks and appreciation to the men; I commend them and give R D Water Engineers full marks for employing such an excellent workforce. I will certainly recommend R D whenever I can and will also tell SWW of my complete satisfaction.

S Snee Sidmouth 14th February 2018