Lead Pipe Renewal

Do I have lead water supply pipes?

If your property was built before 1970 then there is a chance that you have lead water pipes.  Lead pipe is banned because of the adverse affect to health, and it is recommended that exposure to lead is minimised as far as possible.

If you are uncertain whether you have lead pipes then check the pipe where it enters your property, usually at the internal stop valve under the kitchen sink or in a downstairs bathroom or toilet.  Lead pipes are dark grey and soft and, if gently scraped with a coin, you will see the shiny, silver-coloured metal.


What to do next

We can renew the water supply pipe from the boundary of your property up to the internal stop valve with new MDPE pipe.  Call us to arrange a no-obligation quotation and we can discuss with you the best route and method to lay your new pipe.  Usually we will lay pipes by moling them under the surface using a compressed air driven mole which minimises the need for us to dig on your property.  We will take your new pipe in to your property and join up with your existing supply inside your property, usually at the point where your rising main is located currently.

R&D Water Engineers is a South West Water approved company.  We are also highways accredited and all our engineers are qualified in Streetworks which means that we are able to apply for permission from the council and carry out works in the public highway should this prove necessary.


A thoughtful resinstatement

This one caught my eye as a thoughtful resinstatement carried out last week, matching the new concrete to its surroundings. It is unavoidable that we dig on your property so that we can access your pipe. But we do try to make our excavations as neat as we can, and we put everything we dig […]

Found a leak?

South West Water may help you with the cost of repairing or renewing your leaking pipe and it is worth contacting them to confirm this if you have a leak. They have recently re-vamped thei website and have published their Code of Practice on Leakage for Domestic Customers. It has very good information about what […]

Health and Safety accredited for another year

We have undertaken our annual health and safety audit with SafeContractor and have successfully completed the process again.  This tells you, the paying customer, that we are responsible in our attitude to both our and your safety, that we are keenly aware of the risks involved in the work we undertake and do all we […]

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Just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone at R&D water engineers for their help. We had a burst water system and no water and with 3 small children it was getting desperate. R&D were the only company who were helpful and offered to move things around so that they could get a team out to us first thing the next day.

It was a very difficult job complicated by us not being on mains water but the engineers did not leave until we had a water supply and our system was leak free. They had to do lots of digging up but left everything tidy. They were wonderful and we are so grateful as they made what was a very complex and stressful situation all good again. If only the insurance claim was as simple!!
Thanks so much again and we will be recommeding your company to anyone who needs your services.

Mr and Mrs Hopkins 29th June 2016